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Hearing Services in Tampa Bay

At the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, we provide expert care for your hearing health including the fitting, cleaning, and adjusting of hearing aids. Our hearing aid specialist is licensed in the state of Florida and keeps up with multiple manufacturers so she can give the best advice and care possible when it comes to hearing aids.

Our Services

Hearing evaluation at The Hearing Institute Of Tampa Bay
  • Free hearing evaluations: We perform a full diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine the type and degree of your hearing loss. Before your hearing test we will explain everything the evaluation will entail so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Hearing aid recommendations: We are knowledgeable about all the different levels of technology hearing aids are available in. Based off your hearing test, we will go over which options will be the best fit for your hearing loss and personal lifestyle.
  • Hearing aid demonstration: We have demo units in office of the latest hearing aid technology that we let patients try to see how hearing aids work. We perform a quick programming in office and allow you to take them home and wear them for a trial period to see how you like them before purchasing your own pair.
  • Otoscopy exam: Before we perform a full hearing evaluation we will first use an otoscope to look into your ears and check for wax build-up and to make sure your ears looks healthy.
  • Hearing aid cleanings: We will clean and perform regular maintenance on your hearing aids to keep them working their best for years to come.
  • Bundled services: When you purchase hearing aids from us, we include complimentary cleanings and checkups for the life of your hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming: Our hearing aid specialist can expertly fit and program your hearing aids so they are comfortable and help you hear your best.
  • Tinnitus management: If you experience symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) then you would be a good candidate for hearing aids that have a masking feature.
  • Hearing protection: We can make molds of yours ears for custom fit hearing protection to keep your ears healthy when you are in noisy environments.
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