Hearing Loss

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Knowing Your Hearing Health

At the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, our goal is to educate you about your hearing health and your treatment options. We want you to leave our office feeling confident about your decision to move forward with hearing aids and to feel more knowledgeable then when you arrived.

Signs of Hearing Loss

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It can be hard to tell if you have hearing loss since our hearing generally deteriorates gradually over a period of time. If you’re not sure if you have hearing loss then we recommend thinking about the following below:

  • If you lower the TV volume, can you still hear what is happening?
  • If you’re outside in a restaurant that has a lot of background noise, can you still hear the person you’re with without really paying attention?
  • Do you notice yourself putting in a lot of effort to hear people talk?

If you’re questioning whether you have hearing loss or not then it’s time to visit a hearing healthcare professional. Come see us at the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay so we can help you hear easier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Why You Should Get Hearing Aids

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It is always better to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later. Hearing affects our brains, and when you stop hearing certain sounds then your brain stops processing those sounds. This can lead to dementia, depression, and overall cognitive decline. In order to keep your brain active and healthy it is important to address any signs of hearing loss so you can continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

When you wait too long to get hearing aids, you start to remove yourself from social situations. Instead of spending time outdoors or in louder environments with friends and family, you may start to stay home and isolate yourself. In addition, the longer you wait to treat your hearing loss with hearing aids then the quicker your hearing will decline. Hearing aids are proven to increase happiness and over well-being in patients because they give you the confidence to enjoy life again.

Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Getting your first pair of hearing aids is exciting but can be overwhelming. Hearing sounds you haven’t heard in years can be surprising at first, but at the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, we will be with you throughout your hearing journey. We’ve gathered some tips and general advice to adjusting to your new hearing aids so they can better serve you.

  • Wear your hearing aids all the time. From the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night. The best way to adjust to new hearing aids is to wear them so your brain gets used to processing sounds it hasn’t heard in years.
  • If you hear a sound you've haven't heard before or in a long time, go discover where it is coming from. The best way to adjust to new or unfamiliar sounds is to understand where they are coming from, this allows you to get used to your hearing aids.
  • Remember it can take weeks to get used to your hearing aids. You won’t adjust overnight. So if you feel it is taking too long just remember to keep wearing your hearing aids because the more you wear them, the better it will be.
  • For friends and family: be patient. When you’re speaking with someone who is adjusting to hearing aids make sure you are in the same room as them and preferably facing them when talking. Speak clearly and don’t get frustrated.
  • Regularly see your hearing aid specialist for adjustments. Adjusting to hearing aids is a process and you will need to come in regularly for the first few months to have your hearing aids properly adjusted to you.
  • Don't swim or shower with your hearing aids because water can cause damage.

Caring for Your Hearing Aids

In order to get the most out of your hearing aids it is important to bring them in for regular cleanings and maintenance. Some ways you can care for your hearing aids while at home is to keep them dry and never store them in a damp place. Since we’re in Florida there’s a lot of humidity. If you’re outside for a long period of time, sweat can get inside your hearing aids along with wax buildup. So it’s important to have them professionally deep cleaned in order for them to last. Hearing aids generally lasts for 3-5 years. People tend to buy new ones sooner because they like to stay up-to-date with the constantly advancing technology. As long as you properly care for your hearing aids and they still address your hearing loss, then they will last you for years to come.

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