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Hearing Aids at the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay

BTE hearing aids at The Hearing Institute Of Tampa Bay

At the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, we have the freedom to work with multiple lines of hearing aid brands. This allows us to have more options and a better chance of finding the perfect hearing aid for our patients and their unique lifestyles.

We prioritize your needs and want to provide you with the best experience possible. After your hearing evaluation we will recommend what we think will be the best hearing aid for you based off your hearing test results and the types of listening environments you are in the most. Our hearing aid specialist has extensive knowledge in the different styles and types of hearing aids as well as the various technological advancements each one has.

Hearing aid lineup at The Hearing Institute Of Tampa Bay

Finding the Right Hearing Aid for You

It’s not only important how well hearing aids perform for you, but it also matters what they look like and how they feel. We know that if you don’t like the physical look of your hearing aids, you will be less likely to want to wear them. We don’t want you to spend money on something that you won’t use. Our hearing aid specialist will go over not only the different types and styles of hearing aids that will address your hearing loss, but what she thinks you will be comfortable wearing based on the conversation she has with you during your first appointment.

What you expect out of hearing aids is important to us. We will make recommendations on what we believe will be the best fit for you, but ultimately it is your decision. We just want to be here to give you as much information as possible. When deciding on the proper level of technology you need for your individual lifestyle we will ask questions such as:

  • Do you work in an environment where your hearing is crucial to your job duties?
  • Do you socialize a lot? Or do you mostly stay indoors with family?
  • How active are you? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?
  • Do you play any kind of sports or are involved in any recreational activities?

After discovering what kind of lifestyle you have and what you need out of your hearing aids, then we will make a recommendation. Other practices try to sell the highest level of technology to patients because these are often times more expensive. Our hearing aid specialist will be honest with you about what you actually need in a hearing aid. If you spend the most of your time indoors or in quiet settings with friends and family then you don’t need a hearing aid that is designed for someone more active in noisy environments. It all depends on you and what you need the most.

It’s important to remember that hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss. They will significantly improve your quality of life and get you back to hearing sounds you haven’t heard in years, but they won’t make your hearing go back to normal. Hearing aids cannot stop hearing loss, but they can drastically slow it down. Hearing aids today have many benefits that will improve your quality of life and have you hearing the sounds you love.

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Hearing Aid Style

Hearing aids at The Hearing Institute Of Tampa Bay

Hearing aids come in different sizes and colors so you can be satisfied with the cosmetic appearance of your devices. Now that hearing aids come in a wide range of colors we usually recommend choosing a skin color or a hair color so your device blends in naturally. Color isn’t too important though since today’s hearing aids are small and discreet, so your friends and family won’t even notice that you’re wearing them, they’ll only notice that you’re hearing better.

Hearing aids are designed in four different styles. Depending on your type of hearing loss and how profound it is different styles are better suited for different types of listening environments. We prefer receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids because they have more microphones and are the most comfortable and powerful. These types of hearing aids fit behind the ear making them bigger than styles that fit inside the canal. In-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are smaller and more discreet. If you are concerned about the physical appearance of your hearing aids and do not have profound hearing loss then one of these styles may be better for you. Our hearing aid specialist will go over the different styles and recommend a few options that will best suit your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Demo Units

We understand that hearing aids are an investment. It can be overwhelming when you first come in for an appointment and discover that you have hearing loss. Purchasing hearing aids is a big decision, that’s why we always allow our patients to try on a pair of demo hearing aids before they decide to move forward. Since you will be wearing hearing aids every day, you want to make sure they fit comfortably in your ears and you are happy with the quality of sound they are providing you. Demo units are the perfect way for patients to test hearing aids for a trial period, we will even program them to fit your specific hearing loss so you can know exactly what to expect when you move forward with a purchase.

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