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Welcome to The Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay

At The Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, we believe in providing affordable and honest care to those with hearing loss. We are a family owned and operated audiology practice whose value is making connections with patients.

The Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay is owned and operated by Michaela Moravcova, our hearing aid specialist. Her personal touch sets our practice apart from big chain corporations, and we pride ourselves on offering the best hearing healthcare in the area.

What Makes Us Different

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Patients are our number one priority – not making money. We do our best to keep our overhead costs low so we can provide you with affordable hearing healthcare. Because our patients’ well-being is our number one priority, we will never pressure you to buy hearing aids if you don’t need them or you’re not ready.

Our practice has an excellent reputation because of our honesty while working with patients. We believe it is best to be open and honest with patients about what they need out of hearing aids, so if we truly think you don’t need hearing aids, or you even don’t need an upgrade just yet, we’ll tell you. We have received many referrals, knowing that our patients trust us enough to refer us to their friends and family is the best compliment we could receive.

Your First Appointment

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At the Hearing Institute of Tampa Bay, we believe in educating you on your hearing health so you can make your own decisions. Your hearing is an important part of who you are and we want you to fully understand your hearing loss and your options.

  1. When you come in for your first appointment our hearing aid specialist, Michaela, will greet you and take you back to the fitting room. She will begin with a conversation and ask some questions about what brought you in and what kind of sounds you are having trouble hearing.
  2. Then she will do a video otoscopy to look into your ears to make sure there is no earwax blocking your eardrum and that everything looks healthy.
  3. Afterwards, she will explain how the hearing evaluation works and begin the hearing test.
  4. Once your hearing test is complete, Michaela will go over in detail the results of your audiogram and clearly explain it so you can understand.
  5. If decided that your hearing loss would respond well to hearing aids, and you are ready to move forward, she will go over all your options and give you the knowledge to make a choice for yourself.

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to your first appointment so they can answer questions and help us better understand how hearing loss has affected your life.

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